Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

The past few weeks have been great. No work, no school. Just day after day spent doing whatever I wanted. Shiok. But of course, I don’t have the luxury to spend everyday living like that. School starts again next week. Another 6 modules of terror to go. And I have just got a part time job working at a call centre. It’s my 3rd call centre job. I don’t particularly like working in call centers, but its somewhat flexible and allows me to earn a reasonable bit of money and have time leftover for studying and spending time with friends and family. It’s not too bad once you get used to it. It being getting scolded for mishaps which have absolutely nothing to do with you. The golden advice? Don’t take it personally.

Doing CWC photo-shoot tomorrow! Janis is convinced that I hate doing photo-shoots. But I think its fun. To act pretty and smile and put on ten different outfits and chat and catch up at the same time. Granted, I’m not exactly the cam whoring type, but I can see myself getting used to the camera these days. Especially with B’s iPhone 4. Having a front camera rocks! I keep borrowing his phone just to take photos. Then I’ll whatsapp it to myself. Heh.

Browsing at Bird & Co., Cineleisure. Cool vintage items at ridiculous prices.

We had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, The Soup Restaurant. The sam sui chicken is seriously good stuff. We also tried the stir fried mee sua which was really delicious too. I had been craving for zi char for the longest time. Oh, and the lotus soup, and stewed pork. As usual, we ordered way too much for two. After our very satisfying dinner, it was off to GV Grand to catch Resident’ Evil in 3D. (Their 3D glasses suck by the way.) The movie wasn’t too bad, I’ll rate this a 3/5. Milla Jovovich is still as hot though. Couldn’t stop staring at her face.

minx-nails-sephora-opi katy-perry-minx-nails-leopard-500x375
p1200353 lady-gaga-minx-nails

Even though I was so super duper uber tired after the movie, I still managed to put on my new “Minxed” nails! I’ve been trying to find a way to get them for cheaper, and thanks to Jorin, I got myself some shiny new nail stickers that looks almost as awesome. I’ve had it on for slightly less than 24 hours, and its already coming off at the tips. Guess it’s because of the shower I just had. I was too lazy to put on top coat too. Overall, I like them! Really blingy and flashy. Can’t wait to try on the leopard preeeeeen ones!

photo photo
My first set – silver and black houndstooth design. Bought the flower power and leopard prints too. Buy two get one free!


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