Old shoes out, new shoes in.

Sometimes, when something embarrassing happens to you in public, there’s absolutely no other choice but to feign ignorance and pretend that nothing happened. It always happens to me. Yesterday, I was wearing a lovely pair of nude C&K shoes which matched my OL outfit perfectly. It was an uncomfortable pair that i bought a long long long time ago before they started selling $80 C&K shoes. But since it was such a good match for my outfit, i had to wear it. Throughout the entire day, the old and brittle PVC material kept falling off the shoes, like dead skin off badly sunburnt skin. If you were lucky enough not to have experienced that, its something like old paint peeling off the walls. With every little nudge and bump, the shoes would shed it’s skin in protest. Even that was still acceptable for me, at least it wasn’t creating more new blisters on my feet.

At the end of the workday, I was so glad that I could finally rush back to B’s place to change into slippers for my night class later on. But of course, something worse had to happen la. While walking out of the office compound, I saw a piece of something stuck to the soles of my left shoe. Hoping that it would detach itself after a few steps, i continued walking. As expected, it did come off after a few minutes of walking while dragging the soles against the rough cement ground. Not easy ok. I was still thinking: Heng ah, there’s no need to lift up my feet in an awkward position in the middle of the road. I was so wrong and so not heng at all. That piece of something was actually the sole of my shoe! I didn’t stop to pick it up or look at it. Just kept on walking, as if nothing unusual had happened.

In the past, whenever I saw soles of shoes left lying on the streets, I’ve always wondered why they didn’t have the courtesy to at least pick it up and throw it away. Now, i finally understood.

Enough of the old shoes which are now in the dumps. There was an extra pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home from school. It was a red textured paper bag, sitting in a corner of the room. The moment i saw it, my heart skipped a beat. In it was a red shoe box. And in the box, was a pair of Ferragamo heels in the perfect shade of mustard. A perfect way to end the day. 🙂

Thank you.


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