Late night walks and ice cream.

5 hours of the ever so precious Saturday was spent in school. For some reason, I couldn’t concentrate at all. Thank goodness this module doesn’t seem so tough. But then again I can’t be complacent. I’ve got high hopes of myself. And i really really do want to do very well.

After that, it was off to Orchard Road to meet B. We both hadn’t had much to eat the whole day. They say, a hungry person is an angry person. There were 2 very hungry and very angry people yesterday. To prevent possibilities of having a huge fight for no reason at all, we decided to have our dinner at the first restaurant we passed, which was the Japanese tonkatsu restaurant at Ion B4. It’s always dependable for a satisfying meal of comfort food.

After dinner and running some errands all over town, we decided to rest our butts and feet at Starbucks before our movie. I love chilling out at Starbucks. Even though it’s just overpriced coffee of average quality, the ambience and comfort it provides is well worth it’s price. I’ve always envied those who can afford to camp out on a Starbucks couch during rush hour, with a warm cup of coffee, leisurely working on their laptops. While everyone else is busy zipping in and out of the shop with enough caffeine to help them last through the work day.

Saturday was all about the comforting things in life. Katsu curry, Starbucks, romcoms, Swensens’s ice cream, and a late night walk along the streets lined with old fashioned houses on Emerald Hill. Even though its right smack in the middle of the busiest place in the country, there’s something quaint and nostalgic about that place that draws me in. The day lasted till the wee hours of Sunday morning, and i couldn’t get up in time for the lecture that would start in a few hours. I’m disappointed with myself that I skipped class yet again, but at the same time, i wouldn’t give up the ice cream or the late night walk. I’ll just have to work harder next time.

Anyway I received a text from Mum, saying that there’s a love note for me from Maldives. I’m so excited to go back home to read it. Who can it be? I have no lovers in Maldives, only one frequent traveller who just made a trip there. I hope Mum didn’t read it already. But it’s on a postcard, pretty much open for anyone’s eyes.


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