Kith cafe

Random weekdays when I’m not working are the days perfect for exploring new places. On such a day a while ago, I decided to visit Kith Cafe. Its located at the ground floor of Watermark condo, very lucky for the people living there. I’d have breakfast there every single day. If you’re driving, there’s free parking at the apartment’s carpark. Just have to let the security uncle know that you’re heading to Kith and show him the receipt when you’re ready to leave.

Kith Cafe is a tiny breakfast nook, with just a few tables and benches. The whole place smells of grease because of the open concept kitchen. Be prepared to smell of bacon if you plan to dine indoors. They literally fry the bacon beside the cash register. If the weather is kind, there’s a small seating area outside, facing the river.

The big breakfast set is delicious. The bread is soft, fluffy and lightly toasted, which tastes amazing with the home made strawberry jam. I loved the sausage and eggs too. I’m getting a huge craving for it just by looking at the photos!


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