Shopaholics let loose in BKK

Major event in November was the long awaited trip to the land of smiles! The people in Bangkok were really nice, polite and sweet! Even though we bargained like mad, they never showed displeasure, just smiled and smiled. And smiled. But at the same time, refusing to give in a baht. If I were them, I would have been majorly pissed off and “You cheapskates” would be the message written across my face. The hotel staff were also so sweet and kind! They kept reminding us to keep our bags in front of us, and be careful of pickpockets, but unfortunately I still lost my wallet with lots of shopping money.

The four days were filled with intense shopping, mall after mall, floor after floor, lane after lane and shop after shop. It was all quite organized, wonderfully led by leader Jorin Seng, if not we would surely lose track of where we’ve been. It’s just massive. First stop was platinum mall. It’s full of wholesalers, and you can get the wholesale price by buying about 3 or more items, depending on individual shop. Platinum Mall beats Chatuchat hands down because its air conditioned, and definitely not as confusing as Chatuchat!

Next, we hit Chatuchat market on Sunday morning. The place was MASSIVE! Couldn’t even figure where to start. The lanes were really small and squeezy, ventilation inside the smaller lanes wasn’t good at all, so it was HOT. Be prepared to sweat it out. Wear the uniform of tourists in Bangkok, the heineken singlet, shorts and slippers and you will be fine. Don’t forget the mini fan! The locals managed to look very comfortable in full makeup and dressed in boyfriend blazers. Blazers under the blazing hot sun! The prices in Chatuchat market varies quite a bit because it is, after all, a touristy place. They have tourists prices, so remember to haggle!

We also ventured into Chinatown! This is by far my favourite place because it feels so authentic. The real retailers of Bangkok actually visit Chinatown early in the morning to purchase their supplies. This is the real wholesaler’s market. The lanes, like Chatuchat, are tiny! And the best part, they have scooters zooming in and out of these tiny alleys, with like 50 shoeboxes piled high behind the motorist. The already cramped alleys are then dotted with pushcarts selling sweet tangerine juice (refreshing!), pomegranate juice, and other snacks. There’s even a pig’s organ soup stall right in the middle of all these chaos. We saw some ang moh crew filming a movie, they could be from hollywood. Didn’t spot any stars though. I would have dragged the girls into the filming area if we weren’t so tired from all the walking.

We ate at street stalls most of the time, and surprisingly, none of us had diarrhea. The food was delicious and cheap! There is this street food stall operated by a Thai auntie and she cooks right in front of you. Her entire kitchen is packed into a tiny pushcart. It was like a mobile tzi char stall. Very cool. And the Tom yum soup was awesome. So flavorful and rich. I have never had such delicious Tom yum soup ever. It was also very potent, so I could only take a few sips. I also loved the giant grilled prawns. They looked like a prawn and baby lobster mutation. Doesn’t sound yummy, but it definitely is!

Awesome first trip to Bangkok, i just know we have to go back for more.


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