Can we do everything, all at once?

It is so unambitious. But my dream job is to serve food and drinks, 30000 feet in the air.

Does everyone have to climb the stupid corporate ladder or is it now called the corporate elevator? Because it seems like nobody really needs do the tedious task of climbing it rung by rung. More often than not, people get into the great corporate elevator, press the ‘P’ button and go straight up to the penthouse. But what’s the big deal with having reached the top? What. Is. The. Big. Fucking. Deal?

Some will miss the elevator, only to watch the doors close right in front of them. Some will get stuck in the elevator, whereas some just can’t squeeze into the elevator. So what then? You spend a lifetime doing something you hate, but end up somewhere far far away from where you thought you would be.

Sure you can have your entire life all planned out. But you never know when you might die or just have something happen, that would throw your grand plan right out the window. People are always saying things like sometime in the future, I would do this and that, and maybe this, or that too. But I say, why wait for the future which might not even arrive?

So. If you know what you wanna do already…
Why don’t you do it right now now now.

Right now, my dream job and my bachelor’s degree seem to be mutually exclusive. Its either I go for the job, but give up on my studies. Or continue studying, but my dream job will have to happen later or even not at all. But I will try all ways and means to make sure they can both happen at the same time.

Damn right I will.


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