One thing you must do in Vienna is to have a sausage. Frankfurters, cheese sausages and currywursts. I would eat them all day if I could. It’s such a nice city and I was lucky to be able to visit for the second time. The first time I came, I walked and I walked and I walked around the entire city centre. The cathedral itself was beautiful, but with the rows of horse drawn carriages surrounding it, Vienna is just magical. Of course, the romance of it all was slightly tainted by the stench of horse pee and the sight of plastic bags attached to the horse’s backside to catch it’s shit. But it’s still a pretty sight, if you can ignore the stools bag.

This time, I went to the Albertina arts museum. I was all ready to have some time alone for serious arts appreciation because I was so sure no one else would be interested. Which was fine with me, so I could have taken my time to roam through the museum. Surprisingly, someone was interested, so I had a companion for the day. Oh, and there was this girl who asked me about my plans, and she was like, “Oh, museums are not really my thing”. Yeah of course. Rich Arabic men are more your cup of tea.

The museum was great, the collections were very well presented. The main exhibition was a private collection of the Batliners, which features quite a few of Picasso’s works. I liked it because it’s very personal, unlike large museum collections. BUT I did almost fall asleep standing up. And sitting down on one of the benches. And while listening to the audio guide. Hope no one saw me dozing off. That’s what happens when you are surviving on 3 hours of sleep before the flight!

After that, we had the original Wiener Schnitzel for dinner. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I actually preferred the side of potatoes. They were perfectly cooked, moist and buttery. Wiener schnitzel was like a veal cutlet. With no sauce! It was SO dry. but the red wine more than made up for it. Yum.

Albertina student ticket, €8
Currywurst, €3.60
Wiener schnitzel, €14.90
1/4 bottle of red wine, €6.90

Till next time!









Flattery does NOT get you ANYWHERE! This pair of roll-up ballet flats I got from Rubi hurt my feet sooo much. The elastic band is almost like a tourniquet.


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