Shopping in H&M!

Did a little shopping in H&M yesterday, and came back with these goodies:

Loooooove the star print dress! It’s the perfect cut, except that the arm holes are a tad too big. Nothing that cannot be easily altered at the tailor’s. It’s just so demure and classy and pretty. Besides, star prints are so hot right now. Such a steal at 129dhs.

Another favorite is the razor print tank top. Loose fitted, comfy, with just a tinge of edginess. Great for casual days. 69dhs.

Please ignore my computer glasses. I’ve been working for hours and hours on the computer. Love the Mac, but hate the migration process and the syncing. Someone should have figured out a REALLY easy way by now?

Total damage:
Star print shirt dress in Navy, 129dhs/45sgd
Razor print tank top in Brown, 69dhs/25sgd
Multicolored printed tank top, 49dhs/17sgd
Ribbon cropped top in Pink, 49dhs/17sgd


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