Home Sweet Home

Had a short layover in Singapore recently and met up with my favorite people!

Having been to so many cities, I still like Singapore the most. I know that my favorite noodle stall will be open at 6am in the morning if I get the post party munchies. My lovely grandma would have one of her amazing soups brewing on the stove, mummy dearest will be buying my favorite food for dinner at home, my brother will be there to solve my technical issues, and my girlfriends will always be there for shopping trips and fun nights out.

The transport system, the fresh produce you can get from markets within walking distance, the pasar malams, hawker centres, the convenience of everything within 30 mins or so.

I miss home!

Do I sound like I’m making a National Day speech? As cheesy as it sounded, it is all true!

This is home, truuuuulyyy… Best National Day song ever. The Fun Pack song should be very ashamed of itself.

After drinks at Overeasy. The drinks suck ballllls. None of the 3 drinks I had were good. But who cares? The company I had more than made up for it. 🙂

Janis was sneakily taking unglam shots of me and Sherrie at Starbucks. Shall bug her for the photos that we took at her studio.  We did a quickie photoshoot at her studio at 10pm after a whole day of shopping around town, and sweating it out at Punggol Nasi Lemak. Remind me never to do that again. Add jet-lag to it and you get a lethal combination.

So here begins my food diary, compulsory for any trip to Singapore.

*clears throat*

I had dinner at Sushi Tei, my favorite japanese joint. I love sushi so much that I can have it everyday. And I’m not even exaggerating. Ask the bf.

Then I had economic noodles and black chicken soup for breakfast(at 11am) the next day, then chicken rice at Far East Plaza for lunch, due to craving and convenience. It satisfied both. Headed to Punggol Nasi Lemak for dinner, and finally back home for home-cooked supper.

On my last day, I had Bak Chor Mee and kelp soup for lunch, snacked on curry puffs and Double Fillet-O-Fish, had Black Pepper Crab and other home cooked dishes for dinner.


Right after I came back to Dubai, I had an ear infection, a sore throat and 2 ulcers. Must not overeat likea crazy woman anymore.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. awww i love this post! cant wait for you to be back again in 3 weeks! and are you ever gonna upload those photos? HAHAHA.

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