Mummy in Dubai

So today was an awesome day spent with Mummy in Dubai Mall. She’s such a sweetheart. I know she only made the trip here at such short notice because I was having multiple problems with my ear and heatiness (according to her) that won’t go away. It’s not serious and all and everything’s under control. But I think she just wanted to make barley water for me.

Dubai Mall is way too big. To walk from one place to another simply takes too much time! So, you can find everything there. But still the distance you would have to walk is just madness. Thank goodness we were in comfy flat shoes.

I never get bored of the giant aquarium. Took a million photos for mummy there. There’s a secret second floor where you can get really close to the aquarium without paying for the nonsense admission. The tunnel can’t really be compared to the Underwater World, but don’t quote me on that. Because I haven’t actually been inside the Dubai Mall’s aquarium. But it looks kinda short. And yes, the length matters.


This really nice guy came up to us and offered to take photos for me and mummy. So “Thank you very much” and off we went to another spot to look at the sharks. He came to us again. “Can I have a photo with you both?”. OKAYYY.

And then again! “Can I have a photo with just you?”. I should add that my mum was with me the whole time.

Why so thick-skinned one??

Anyway he then started to offer loads of travel advice and where to go, what to see, mountains and valleys and zoos and white lions and whatnot.

FINALLY he felt that this was going no where and said he’ll give me his name card. But guess what? He didn’t have any left! BWAHAHA. Took it as our cue to escape.


I almost had to lie on the floor to take a decent photo for mummy.

Took another bunch of photos of the tallest building in the world. I think it still is. It’s hard to keep up with everyone coming up with all sorts of the biggest and the tallest. The Burj Khalifa, which we will be visiting on Sunday is soooooo tall that it is really hard to take a photo of someone with the whole building.


Sunset over Dubai’s business district. Taken from the lousy seats, thus the 2 unidentified heads.

20111203-011617.jpgAwesome view from Dean and Deluca’s terrace. (There’s a bald head this time. Can you spot it?)

Dubai Mall also has the world’s largest dancing fountain. The tallest building, largest mall, and latest fountain. We got a nice spot at Dean and Deluca’s terrace which gives the awesomest view of the fountain show. Make sure you sit right at the edge. We were given the worst seats on the outdoor terrace, but a very nice staff shifted us (at the end of our meal) to the table right next to the fountain. The cafe is on the third level. Minimum charge of 70dhs per person in the evenings. Which wasn’t hard to reach at all. Steak was very good. Yum yum.

Today is Dubai’s 40th National Day. This was part of some celebration going on in the mall.

Happy day!


3 thoughts on “Mummy in Dubai

  1. aww i really love it when you blog! and i was laughing to myself on that photo you said “i was almost lying on the floor trying to take a pic of mummy”. totally imaginable!

    now i cant wait for you to bring me around dubai too! (:

    p/s: i will blog soon! you inspire me!

    • Sooo happy that someone is reading my blog! yay! :)) Please blog soon! I have so much planned for u when u come over to Dubai! For now, enjoy BKK first!

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