The Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab

This place is just unbelievable. It’s probably the only place that can get away with charging exorbitant amounts for such mediocre fare. But I had to go at least once in my lifetime, so there we were, making reservations for the “Ultimate Afternoon Tea” at Sahn Eddar, the atrium restaurant of Burj Al Arab.

The interior of the “7-star” hotel.

The Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Sahn Eddar costs 350Dhs per person, inclusive of non-alcoholic drinks.

In the Sahn Eddar. Very fancy schmanzy meh?

The coffee and tea condiments set was quite impressive. Different types of sugar, mint leaves, lemon and lime slices, cinnamon sticks, chocolate balls, even fresh vanilla pods!

First course was a mochi ice cream with berries. Mochi was frozen and rock hard. The ones I bought from NTUC tastes better. Followed by a selection of sandwiches: cucumber with cream cheese, smoked salmon with cream cheese, egg mayo, tuna mayo, chicken mayo, beef with caramelised onions and another one which I forgot. Most were really blah. Things I can easily make at home. They used many different types of bread, but honestly, it’s nothing to shout about. After the sandwiches, they served a tiny piece of beef roulade. Beef was perfectly done, soft and tender. But soooo tiny.

After all that starch, came a refreshing lime sorbet and jelly with cucumber.

Scones! These came with raisins or just plain. Served with clotted cream and assorted jams of strawberry, apricot and orange. Yummeh.

Assorted desserts, biscuits and fruit cakes. I didn’t like the biscuits and fruit cakes. They cannot be more ordinary. Desserts were hit or miss. Favorites were the chocolate with the green stuff, blueberry cheesecake, and custard tart.

As we were settling the bill and feeling somewhat cheated, they presented us with pretty chocolates, thinking that this would make us feel better about spending so much money on their nonsense. Erm nope, it didn’t help at all.

So that’s all about the ultimate tea that wasn’t very ultimate at all. The indian dinner buffet in my building that costs a mere 45dhs was much better and way more satisfying.

Bye-bye Burj Al Arab, I will never come again!


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab

  1. I had a similarly disappointing experience at At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa – you pay through the roof and get little in terms of quality. Views were amazing but food was so boring. It seems the Burj Al Arab is only slightly better but then at that price, one would hope so. They have a different pastry chef now at Al Arab, so perhaps things have improved…

  2. Wow I wondered how fancy their afternoon tea would be like and through this post it’s clear its quite ordinary. I did like the coffee condiments and jams for the scones though, especially mint, lemon and vanilla mm. As for the savories I think they do much better @ Fullerton in Singapore. Anyways thanks for posting!

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