It’s 2012 Already?

Time for New Year’s resolutions again! It’s not really pointless, it makes you sit down and review the past year, and think about the coming year. Even if you don’t exactly accomplish any of your resolutions, at least you’ve thought about it. It’s the thought that counts. I imagine people who don’t set resolutions just watch their lives whizz by, and suddenly get a rude awakening to see the number of candles on their 45th birthday cake. What??!! 45 years! Already?!

See? Resolutions are very important! No matter how small or insignificant, at least figure out what you would like to do before the end of 2012.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

So, what happened in 2011?

Scored an almost awesome job and moved to the Middle East.
Lived out alone and managed to be semi-efficient with household chores.
Made new friends and forged stronger bonds with old friends.
Visited more cities in the past 1 year than in the first 23 years of my life.
Saved enough money to pay off half of my study loan.
MacBook Pro! Which I love.
Patched things up with the boy and things are getting better than ever.

And what’s coming up in 2012?

Spend more time with family. I haven’t been giving my family first priority and that shouldn’t be the case.
Continue saving money to pay off my study loan entirely.
Go on a well-deserved (self proclaimed) island vacation.
Visit the USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
Find a way to sell at least half of my clothes. Fleamarket, anyone?
Stop shopping for clothes until I’ve gotten rid of half of what I own now.
Get a perm or at least be proficient with the curling tongs.
Read at least one book a month. Please. I’m begging myself. Ok. Or every 2 months.
Keep fit and go to the gym as frequently as possible.
Eat healthy. But allow myself to indulge occasionally.

No photos. This is a very serious post about the very serious topic of New Year’s resolutions okay. I’m not being lazy and typing this on the nice Sofitel bed.


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