Jorin, KZ and Bryan in Dubai

So the past week has been super fun! With almost 5 days off, friends and boyfriend visiting, I had no time to rest! First to arrive, was KZ from Doha on a work trip. We had Korean for dinner with his brother KQ and sis-in-law and had a great time eating, chatting and eating stuff that was never meant to be eaten. There was this one thing in particular. I shall not mention names. But when everyone around you starts making yummy noises while chewing their food noisily, you can’t help but wonder Hmm… How good can it taste? I am so curious about everything that I have to try anything at least once. With the exception of dogs and cats and insects, etc. So I tried something unusual and it was good. It’s ok when I don’t think about it, but when I do think about it.. Ok. I really don’t want to think about it.

They started talking about Kinect during dinner. At that time, I had no clue how awesome the great and mighty Kinect was. I thought that it was just another Wii or Playstation Moove type of console. But nope. I was blown away by how clever it was. You do not need ANY controller for it. You are the controller. You control it just with your movements. No more silly dancing around with the Nunchuks and Remotes. No holding of lighted lollipop sticks. We played a few rounds at KQ’s place. Got thrashed badly. But am so in love with it that I have decided to buy it. Hopefully sometime soon. However, that would mean that most of my NY’s resolutions will be flushed into the toilet bowl and gone down the drain. Read? Read what? Save what money? *while boogie-ing away on the Kinect Dance Central* Honestly, I suck at that game, but who cares. I love it anyway.

B and Jorin arrived the next day. Us chilling out in Starbucks at 5 in the morning.


We dropped by KZ’s apartment at Ascott Park Place before heading to Dubai Mall. It was DA BOMB. Sorry for the terrible spelling, but it has to be spelt this way. Because it was really DA BOMB. Imagine a huge apartment in the middle of the city, ceiling to floor windows with an unobstructed view of the surroundings, huge roof top swimming pool, and daily housekeeping service! I would love to live somewhere like that. Please? Can? Ke yi ma?

My favorite aquarium.

Gift shops in Dubai Mall.

Arabic dinner at Al Hallab. The food was really really good. Just go for the lamb kebabs and forget about the chicken. Lamb was so juicy and tender and perfect with warm arabic bread. Yum. The place looks really posh, filled with Emiratis, but it is infact, quite cheap. If you order the Lamb Kebab Platter, it costs only about 50 dhs per person.

After we sent Jorin off to the airport, KQ drove all of us to a cheap and cheery prata place opened by a Malaysian in Karama for lunch. When our tummies were filled, we decided to go on an impromptu trip to the neighboring emirate, Sharjah. Off we went to pick up our passports and headed to the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club. I paid about 300+ dhs for a basic shooting course. It was a lot of fun and a little bit scary. The only scary thought was me, holding a real gun with live rounds that can kill people. But of course, if you follow instructions closely, nothing major will happen. I didn’t bring my glasses on that day, and because of my myopic right eye, all my shots were going towards the right, somehow. I refuse to believe that I’m a lousy shooter and will try it again next time, with my glasses on. We got to keep the target sheet. Going to poke more holes in the head. Hehe. Now that’s what I call a souvenir.

Thai dinner at Lemongrass Restaurant Dubai. The Beef Fried Rice was really good. And everyone loved the Pandan Chicken as well. We had Pandan Ice Cream with Fried Bananas for dessert, and while one would imagine Pandan Ice Cream to be heavenly, it tasted quite bad. Too much coconut milk which results in the taste of India. KZ who was based in India for a while, was convinced that the smell was just like the streets of Chennai. Oh well. Try everything at least once. Fried bananas are always good though.


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