Thai Princess Makeover

On my last trip to Bangkok, I did something incredibly lame and cheesy. It was something I have thought about for a while but never did because I knew everyone would judge me. (Which is true. If you want a makeover, you’re gonna be judged. For sure.). The first time someone told me about it, I was like, *rolls eyes* wow that looks great! But I was thinking “Hey, they made you look like a tranny.”. The second time I saw someone doing it, I was thinking “Still looks like a tranny. But this could be fun.”. I’m talking about the Thai Princess makeover! It’s gonna be fun, or at least somewhat interesting. Plus, it’s cheap. 2000 baht for makeup, hair, costume, some prints, and a CD with digital copies of all the photos. Compared to the Maiko photo-shoot i wanted to do in Kyoto, this was a steal. So while on my way to the dermatologist for a facial, I walked pass the shop and gave them 2000 baht. And that was it. Facial to be done later, to get rid of the stage makeup.


A scrawny teenage boy came over and very politely handed me a kimono and an elasticized skirt to change into. Must be the assistant, right? Then he sat me down at one of the benches and started clipping my hair up. And then he whipped out an old-looking fluffy face brush and started to scrutinize my face. And then I realized. Oh hello, makeup artist. Immediately, I grabbed my makeup pouch and handed it to him. “I brought my make up!”. He didn’t understand a word of it, but he understood my intentions. So we got started with the makeup and I tried to place as much faith in him as I could. He turned out to be really professional and dedicated. Halfway through, he started to use his own eyeshadow brushesblush brush and LIP BRUSH. I tried to hide the horror. But in my head, I was so sure that I would get an eye infection or lip infection of some sort. Thankfully, I would be going for a facial right after this and hopefully the damage would be under control. Besides, I have my foundation underneath which hopefully acts as a barrier. He caked on so much foundation and powder that it has to be thick enough.


After the makeup, it was time for a princess-y up do. My fringe was center parted and twisted up. The rest of it was in a bun. Doesn’t look like princess up do yet. Then he placed a little crown on the top of my head, and topped it off with a bunch of curly hair and Ta-da! Princess hair! He was clearly enjoying every bit of it because he was so enthusiastically adorning me with costume jewelry in every possible way. And the outfit he chose for me was so much more than over the top. It seemed like he really enjoys his work. Picking out different fabrics and trying out different combinations, carefully pinning everything to make sure it’s all in place… I was happy to have him style me. The other person available was a lady boy who constantly had a look of annoyance and arrogance. I’d prefer the scrawny teenage boy anytime.


The photographer was also great and professional. But his style is definitely not modern nor artistic. His was more eighties-style yearbook or wedding style photography. But it kind of suits the theme of it. He was friendly and told you exactly how to pose. Just follow his cues and you’ll get the perfectly clichéd eighties look. 🙂 The backdrop had so much bling on it, no wonder the outfit has to be even more bling in order for the subjects to stand out. And of course, there were props like fans, musical instruments, umbrellas etc. to complete the look. By the end of it, you’d be impressed and completely flabbergasted that something so cheesy and yet so awesome exists. And of course, while these photos may not be proudly displayed in the family living room, at least you’ll have an image of how you look as a Thai Princess.

Thai Style & S.Samngao Studio
MBK, Level 2
Tel: 02-611-7136, 02-620-9496
2000 baht for 20×24 = 1 pc; 8×10=2 pcs; 4P=3 pcs; CD-ROM of all images


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