Lots of things to be happy about.

So I’m sitting here at my desk, feeling extreeeeeeeeemely excited. Almost hyper. And I’m rarely hyper.

Firstly, I am excited about my purchases from Sephora. I got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bobbi Brown Corrector for undereye, MUF HD Microfinish powder and Clarisonic! All of which I loooove. Also found the PERFECT pair of leopard print peep toes from New Look. They are the perfect height, perfect fit, perfect prints, perfect peep toe opening, perfect color, perfect everything! Every girl needs a pair. Sexy shoes that won’t kill you. The color is really rich in real life. New Look must have HDR-ed their photos.

Secondly, I am going back to Singapore in a few hours for 3 days of fun, fun and more fun. There’s gonna be a photoshoot for Catwalkclose which I really miss doing, meeting up with my old pals, Wee and Janis. Meeting my favorite girlfriends for major catch up (full attendance!) and crazy partying!

Thirdly, will be going to LA for the first time. More shopping??

Lastly, after my LA trip, wil be heading to Melbourne for my 2 weeks of bliss!

So I’ve been crazy packing like a mad woman. Packing for 3 different countries in a day is no mean feat! And while packing, I decided that it would be wise to finally pack my closet so that I can finally find my clothes with minimum difficulty. My clothes were literally lying in a heap at the bottom of it because I had no space to hang them. Now, they look like this:



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