Mia Clarisonic

Just bought a Mia Clarisonic in Sephora last week and it is so wonderful that I have decided to blog about it right away! It costs USD$119 for the Mia (single speed) and mine is in Mango Tango, a bright orange hue which looks so pretty in my turquoise bathroom.


I really wasn’t expecting anything amazing. I’ll admit it. It was bought on impulse. And like anything bought on impule, you usually expect to regret the puchase. But NO! I love the Mia! I love how its orange and bright and cheery and how it gives me smooth skin, a good reason to be cheery about! I’ve always had problems with black heads and white heads around my nose. Especially the sebum plugs on the sides of my nose. They look like white heads but I don’t really know what they are. I could actually pick them out with a pair of tweezers. They always come back a few hours after washing my face. But after using the Clarisonic for just a few days, the rough areas around my nose appear much smoother and the sebum plugs are much smaller and stay away for longer. 

The cleanser that I’m using with it is Sukin’s cream cleanser. Before Mia, I was using it with a cotton pad to remove impurities on my face if I had makeup on. But that would leave my cheeks a little red after cleansing. With the Mia, it did not leave any redness at all, but at the same time, it cleansed really thoroughly. I did get a few new tiny bumps on my forehead though. We’ll see if they go away in a few weeks.

SO HAPPY with my purchase. I was planning to get a facial when I return to Singapore, but now, I feel like I don’t need it!


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