A word about procrastination…

As I am typing this, I am also procrastinating from studying. Yes, I am writing about procrastinating while procrastinating.

Why do people procrastinate? The general consensus is that people procrastinate because they don’t like the task that they are supposed to do. Maybe it makes us nervous, we are scared of doing it, we are afraid of not doing it well enough, etc. Kind of like parachuting out of an airplane. At least, for me. For adrenaline junkies, kind of like going for a 3 hour long speech that you know you can’t leave till it’s over. If I were on that plane, I will not be ready to jump, and I will never be ready to jump. If I can hold on to that door frame for a second longer, I will make sure my hands are glued to it. So we push this dreaded task back, as far back as we can, hoping that maybe if we hold it off long enough, maybe we don’t have to do it?

Since we know it’s just in the mind, due to the fears and feelings of dread that we have, why don’t we JUST DO IT?

For me, I just can’t do it till I really really really have no other choice but to do it. The only thing I procrastinate about is studying. I can pretty much do everything else right away. I can get out of bed once the alarm rings (usually), I can go out for a run, do my workout, get my chores done, all without procrastinating. But. I. Just. Can’t. Study. Without. Procrastinating. WHYYYYYY!!!??

Let me try to psycho myself into getting started with my revision for corporate finance. Man, those 2 words make me shudder already.

I am delaying revision for corporate finance because:

I hate maths. / Yes, I hate maths but it still has to be done.
I am terrible with numbers. / I usually end up doing alright in the exams.
It is too difficult for me. / I could understand the lectures so far, it’s difficult but not too difficult.
I don’t have the foundation for it. / That is why I have to start revising now and catch up.
I just don’t want to do it! / But I have to!!

OK. With that, I’m off to continue with my revision.


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